Guns N’ Roses lead guitarist Slash shared a post on his official Instagram page dedicated to the Everly Brothers’ icon Don Everly after his recent passing at the age of 84. The musician was the father of Erin Everly, the ex-wife of lead singer Axl Rose.

For those of you who may not know, Axl Rose and famous model Erin Everly had a passionate relationship for four years. The couple first met at a party in L.A. in 1986 and formed an instant connection. As a result, they got married on April 28, 1990, in Las Vegas. Although initially seemed like they were happy, Rose filed for divorce less than a month following their marriage.

Both Guns N’ Roses singer and Erin Everly later changed their minds when the model got pregnant. Unfortunately, she suffered a miscarriage in October 1990 and the incident deeply affected Rose since he wanted to have a family. The miscarriage led to their destruction on top of an argument which resulted in a divorce in January 1991. 

The love Axl Rose had for Erin Everly was so passionate and deep that his romantic side shined through. The famous model who was also the daughter of Everly Brothers singer Don Everly was the inspiration behind the lyrics of the classic Guns N’ Roses track, ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine.’

Unfortunately, a spokesperson for the family announced the passing of the last surviving member of the Everly Brothers, Don Everly, at his home in Nashville on Saturday at the age of 84. The cause of death wasn’t revealed but the announcement left his fans’ hearts broken since the rocker was considered to be a pioneering musician of rock n’ roll.

Following the devastating news, Slash shared a black and white picture of Don Everly on his official Instagram account to pay tribute to the late rocker. The guitarist simply captioned his condolences to the former father-in-law of his bandmate, Axl Rose. Many fans shared comments under the post and shared their pain over the passing of the successful musician.

The caption of the IG post goes:

“RIP Don Everly”

You can see the Instagram post below.

Photo Credit: Slash – Instagram Page