In a recent interview with Revolver Mag, Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash spoke about possibility of new Guns N’ Roses album. He said:

“We’ll see what happens. It’s really early to tell what we’re going to do with Guns N’ Roses and new material. We want to do something. We’ve been on the road this entire time.

We have another leg coming up in November in southeast Asia, Dubai, and South Africa. Then we’re going to start looking at what the next step is going to be.”

On their new box-set for “Appetite for Destruction”, he said:

The box set was for the 30-year anniversary. We wanted to put everything in there that we’re aware of.

There was stuff we had in the can that no one has ever heard – plus some live stuff and different things that the band has done and put in this one package.

It was fun to get all that stuff together. It was cool to sit there and remaster it and hear that stuff again for what’s been years and years.”

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