Slash Featuring Myles Kennedy And The Conspirators’ drummer Brent Fitz recently had an interview with Ornella Carlone (of Comebackstage) and revealed lots of things about the band.

Here is what Brent said (transcribed by BlabberMouth):

“I’ve always wanted to work with people I respected musically or looked up to. Part of growing up where I started, which was in a small city in Canada, the idea for me was to go to those places and where I was from, I grew up playing with my friends in my neighborhood, but I would read in magazines about Kiss and Mötley Crüe and later Guns N’ Roses.

When I moved to Los Angeles, that opened up some opportunities to play with those people. A lot of times — I don’t know if I’ve made it. But at least I got to work. How did I start working with Slash? He called me.

That was the honest truth and it was probably because I worked with Alice Cooper and some other artists. To get a phone call from someone who you respect is quite a cool thing.”

He also talked about the writing process for Living The Dream.

Here is his statement:

“We had wrote a bunch of songs on the ‘World On Fire’ tour that are now the ones on ‘Living The Dream’. Slash had put a lot of those ideas together, and then we let them be on the backburner, because Slash was gonna do the Guns N’ Roses stuff.

But what was cool was we all had that break, and then we came back very naturally and quickly. Slash said, ‘I wanna get together with you guys and we’ll work on those songs again.’ We were all, like, ‘That sounds great. Cool. We’ll do that.’ And we were all doing other bands.”

You can watch the interview below: