Slash’s ex-wife Perla Hudson spoke in an interview with “Left Unsupervised” podcast and explained her thoughts about divorce from Slash.

She said that she misses her “best friend”, here’s the statement:

“It’s been four years since [Slash] left me and the boys, and we’re still not divorced. For the first, like, year and a half, he did nothing — he just dragged his heels. He did this to me again.

Slash has filed for divorce a few times, so this time I didn’t know what… if it was any different than the last time.

It’s really sad because it’s a situation where I sat down with Slash originally and I told him everything that I wanted, what would make me happy, and how I wanted to move forward.

And that was four years ago. Four years later, here we are leaning towards all of that. And yet I’ve spent — I don’t know — six, seven hundred thousand dollars in legal fees. The stress — I’ve put on so much weight. My neck, my back has been horrible, and it’s all stress related.”

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