The legendary guitarist of Guns N Roses, Slash’s girlfriend Meegan Hodges posted a video clip of the Guns N’ Roses fans on Instagram taken during their concerts around the world and stated there were no other fans like them.

As you might remember, Guns N’ Roses kicked off their 2020 Tour on January 31st in Miami, however, they had to postpone the rest of the shows due to the spread of coronavirus pandemic.

Since the beginning of the self-quarantine days, Guns N’ Roses has been keeping their fans posted on the updates regarding their tour. A few weeks ago, the band’s iconic guitarist Slash shared the rescheduled dates of their 2020 European Tour on his Twitter account.

Recently on Instagram, Slash’s long-time girlfriend Meegan Hodges shared the video clip of the Guns N’ Roses fans taken during their concerts around the world. On the caption of her post, Meegan claimed that there was something unique about the Guns N’ Roses fans regarding their devotion to the band no matter what.

Furthermore, Hodges mentioned that she missed being in her ‘little spot’ on stage and seeing the fans having their best time listening to Guns N’ Roses songs.

Here’s what Meegan Hodges stated on the caption of her post:

“You have to admit that there are no other fans in the world like Guns N’ Roses Fans. It’s just a fact. Miss looking out from my little spot and seeing all their faces and feeling their energy.”

You can watch the video Meegan Hodges posted on her Instagram account below.