Guns N’ Roses legend Slash’s longtime girlfriend, Meegan Hodges posted a recent photo on her Instagram Stories today and revealed the bizarre-looking photo of her boyfriend.

As you might check out the post of Meegan Hodges below, Slash looks like he’s on three different dimensions at the same time on stage.

Here is what Meegan wrote about that pic:

“Every time I see this photo, I absolutely just smile.

Great pic!”

You can check out the Instagram post of Meegan Hodges right below.

Earlier this month, Slash has posted a new photo on his extremely weird Instagram account, and even former Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach could not remain silent after that post.

As you can see below, Slash has shared a photo of two naked people with KISS makeup and didn’t write anything about it but only his signature emoji. Here’s the caption:

“Repost from @call_me_desire iiii]; )’”

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