Guns N’ Roses ‘ legendary guitarist Slash’s girlfriend, Meegan Hodges, recently posted a photo on her Instagram account with which she paid tribute to the Gibb brothers and their successful band The Bee Gees.

As you may know, Meegan Hodges is a fellow rock fan, and she enjoys using her Instagram account to post pictures of her daily life, her partner Slash, Guns N’ Roses and pay tribute to important rockstars such as Freddie Mercury.

Recently, she posted a photo of ‘The Bee Gees: How Can You Mend A Broken Heart‘ which is the documentary of the Gibbs brothers and their successful career as one of the most popular bands of the ’60s.

Even though the documentary will be streaming on December 12, Meegan had the chance to watch the early virtual premier and she seems to have enjoyed it. As it turns out, Meegan has been a huge fan of the Gibb family, and she even to a concert to watch Andy Gibb (the older brother of The Bee Gees) perform when she was a little girl.

The Bee Gees was one of the most famous bands of the ’60s and they reached early fame. They wrote approximately 1,000 songs and  20 of them became Number 1 hits. Their signature sound was their three-part tight harmonies and they were often referred to as the ‘Kings of Disco.’

It seems like the documentary does justice to the interesting life the Gibbs brothers let, with special interviews and rare footage from their career. Meegan stated that this is a must-watch documentary and encouraged her followers to watch it as soon as possible.

Here’s what Meegan Hodges said in the caption of her Instagram post:

“We just watched this. I have to say I sang along to all of the songs! (I went to see Andy Gibb at a concert when I was a little girl.) Ha. The Music they wrote and THE the harmonies of the brothers’ voices. Chills.

This is a documentary that everyone should see. On HBO MAX thumbs up for sure. Thank you for letting us view this virtual premiere!”

You can check out the photo that Meegan posted on her Instagram account below.