Slayer drummer Paul Bostaph spoke in an interview made by Radio Cantilo at Tecnópolis in Villa Martelli, Argentina and explained his practice method. He said:

I have a practice pad, a drum set, and like an hour before the show, I get changed and I start doing that and stretch and stuff like that.

Warming up allows me to be very loose when I hit the stage, and I play at a higher level when I do that.”

He also exlained his thoughts on being together with Slayer. He said:

“It’s different because I’ve had some time away, and coming back to it, it feels like coming home.

That’s where you wanna be — you want it to be natural. Every once in a while, when you play songs over and over and over again, you’ve played it so much, you’re on autopilot, and then your mind starts to wander. That’s when you make mistakes.”

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