Slayer guitarist Kerry King’s wife, Ayesha King, revealed the details of Kerry’s head tattoo by sharing a new close-up picture of him and showed how a kind-hearted person he is.

As you can see in the pictures below, Kerry was still following the self-quarantine rules and posing for the camera while holding his cat, named Beezle, on his lap. He was wearing a grey t-shirt that suits his serious but sweet face gesture.

Also, most of the pictures are the close-up ones, and you can clearly see the details of Kerry’s head tattoo, which seems like a skull of a demon, and there are dragons behind his ears.

As of writing this, over 4K people pushed the like button of Ayesha’s post, and most of them shared their thoughts in the comment section.

Here is what Ayesha King captioned:

“I swear when Beezle hugs Kerry, she looks me as if to say “I got your man hahaha!” 🤣 Swipe.👉🏽”

You can check out the post below.