Gary Holt, the former member of thrash metal band Slayer, revealed his huge admiration on Geezer Butler, the previous bassist and primary lyricist of Black Sabbath, while celebrating Butler’s birthday.

On Instagram, Holt shared a really cool and stylish photo of Geezer Butler while playing his guitar. As awesome as his picture, taken during a performance, Butler’s talent as the bassist and the lyricist makes him one of the greatest musicians, Holt said on the post.

When celebrating Geezer Butler’s 71st birthday, Gary Holt mentioned that he always looks up to Butler’s abilities on four strings and songwriting. Holt explained that what Butler has done in the music industry inspires not only himself but also the whole world.

Here is what Holt said on his Instagram post:

“Happy birthday Geezer Butler, the bassist who showed the world what can be done on four strings. Also one of the greatest lyricist of all time! CHEERS!”

You can see Gary Holt’s post below.