Exodus and Slayer guitarist Gary Holt posted a funny meme about female rapper Cardi B on Instagram. You can see the post below.

Gary has shared the photo with this caption:

“The last thing you’d see, when hangin with Cardi B! Have a kick ass weekend! Beautiful day here in the Holt neck of the woods!”

A fan wrote to Gary:

“Why would I be hangin’ with that Cardi B? 😂 I’d rather hang with cultists of Cthulhu over her any day.”

And Gary responded:

“cause you hang with her, your ass getting drugged and robbed!😆”

Another fan wrote:

“I’m fucking pissed about the situation with her. The fact that people are defending her with, “oh she had to do what she needed to to make money!!” Fucking disgusts me.”

Gary replied:

“Indeed!!! I guess when I was broke and had to take care of my family, it would have been fine for me to rob people!”

Check out the Instagram post of Gary Holt below.