Exodus and Slayer guitarist Gary Holt talked in a recent interview with Robb Flynn, who is the singer of Machine Head, and remembered the prime time of Metallica while talking about the influences he got from them.

Gary mentioned Bay Area thrash metal bands and revealed the major difference of Metallica that makes them bigger than other metal giants.

The answer is simple, the major difference was the aura of James Hetfield as a mind-blowing frontman. Here’s how Gary is telling the truth about James’ greatness in 1986:

“All I know, if you blew Metallica off the stage at their big homecoming… Afterward, James [Hetfield] coming out, we’re all getting fucked, he goes, ‘Oh, guys you are hella good the last time you’ll play with us!’

Yeah, the last time we played with Metallica. [Laughs] I guess in recent years, there’s been a couple of festivals appearances together; obviously, with Slayer I’ve done several shows, but yeah, there’s decades between that show and the next time.”

He also talked about how he joined Exodus and said:

“We used to do legendary shows of our own before I was in the band, like, when I was [original Exodus guitarist, now a longtime member of Metallica] Kirk [Hammett]’s roadie.

“The band rented this hall in Crockett, [California] and we’d always give them a name, and that one was called ‘Jug night.’ With the $5 admission, there were unlimited kegs, and I think it was like 20 half-gallons of whiskey.”

You can listen to the entire interview below. Click here to reach the source of the statement.