Gary Holt, the frontman of Exodus and the former member of Slayer, revealed the fact that he still feels fortunate although he cannot get on the stage now for the coronavirus.

Before all the coronavirus-related disasters messed up the show business, Gary Holt was on ‘The Bay Strikes Back‘ tour as he mentioned in his post. The European Tour, which featured Bay Area thrash metal bands TestamentExodus and Death Angel, could only last from February 6, 2020, to March 11, 2020.

Despite the short-lived enthusiasm both the bands and the fans felt, Gary Holt, admitted that he feels lucky to have been on one of the last tours in Europe, in the first place. He also announced that Exodus is now working on a new album to be released in the summer.

Here is what Gary Holt said on his latest Instagram post:

“A little black and white shot from The Bay Strikes Back tour in Hamburg, from Messed! Up Magazine. I feel super fortunate to have been on one of the last tours in Europe, if not the last, before the virus did its dirty work, and also super fortunate to have gotten home when I did.

But fuck, I miss playing. Even though the Exodus plan was a new album for the summer, so not missing much as far as shows, we lost a ton of killer stuff we had lined up for the fall and winter. Here’s hoping I can tour when the new record is finished and released.🤘🏻”

You can see Holt’s post below.