Exodus and Slayer star Gary Holt shared a recent photo on his Instagram page that shows his beloved wife Lisa Holt and The Metal God: Rob Halford.

Gary revealed that he missed his beloved wife very much when he’s on tour.

Here is his statement:

“The things I miss when I’m on tour! @robhalfordlegacyand my other half @lisaholt777 at last nights epic church of metal, the mighty Judas Priest!!!

Lots of deep cuts were played from what I am told! Damn it! HATE missing shows like this! Especially when I miss my wife like I do!

Thanks to @cipcipriano for taking and sending me this!”

A user named bre.cobbs100 commented:

“Man, she keeps her hairdresser hopping! Her hair is a different color in every picture!”

rodney_0366 said that:

“The fucking metal god. How this guy isn’t in the Rock Hall is embarrassing.”

You can see the photo below: