The wife of Slayer’s legendary guitarist and co-founder Kerry King, Ayesha King has revealed that Kerry killed a scary scorpion that unfortunately passed by their home and said only spiders get to live where they are.

The aerial performer and lover of animals, Ayesha King has been giving updates from her daily life in the house lately. Highly active on social media, she has been also responding to the questions of Kerry’s fans.

As you may remember, Ayesha has answered the question of whether Kerry will continue his musical career in Slayer without the bassist, Tom Araya. She has clarified the situation and said that they will never be Slayer again.

Recently, Ayesha King has shared a dead scorpion photo on Instagram while saying that their cat has found it in the hallway under a packing paper. When a follower of Ayesha asked her if the kitties killed it, she responded that it was actually Kerry who killed it and they only allow spiders to live in their house.

Here is what Ayesha King said in the caption of her recent Instagram post:

“Scene one, cat meeting in hallway with packing paper- very important. Swipe to part two for the surprise. Dez FaFara and Anahstasia FaFara, we have the same problem.”

An animal lover follower of her asked Ayesha:

“Oh hell to the naw… Did the kitties kill it????

Ayesha King responded as:

“No, Kerry did, spiders get to live in this house, but not those.”

You can see the dialogue between Ayesha and her follower below and check out the post in her account here.

Photo Credits: Ayesha King – Instagram