gary holt, lisa holt
Photo Credit: Lisa Holt's Instagram

Slayer and Exodus icon Gary Holt shared a recent photo of his beloved wife, Lisa Holt and showed her latest Van Halen 2 logo tattoo for the first time to his followers.

Here is what Gary Holt wrote about the tattoo:

“@lisaholt777 showing off her latest tattoo, my initials done as the Van Halen 2 logo! I’m stoked!Surely let’s me know my wife loves my goofy self!

And I love her right back! More every day! Tattoo by @bzelliott”

Lamb of God guitarist Willie Adler commented on the photo and said:

“That’s GREAT bro.”

Gary Holt responded:

“@willadler 😆🤘🏻❗️ cheers!”

You can see the photo below: