Slayer and Exodus guitarist Gary Holt recently shared an Instagram photo of Kardashian’s Khloé, and after some time Instagram deleted his post because it doesn’t follow Instagram’s Community Guidlines.

Gary Holt shared the photo of Khloé’s without having a plastic surgery and make up, with one of her current photos side-by-side.

Here is what Holt wrote in the caption:

“Stolen from my wife @lisaholt777!! Best example of these fake fucking mutants I’ve ever seen!!…”

Here is the deleted post:

There were lots of comments about the photo, Holt made fun of the comments with just sending emojis.

Here are the comments:

“This is actual picture of my asshole before shitting and after shitting.”

“…but she hasn’t had any work done.”

“You and your wife are strait savage.

“She loos like gene holgan’s floor tom after the tour.”

You can see the comments below:

And here is the second statement of Holt:

“MAN!!! IG just has it out for me now don’t they! With all the vile horrendous shit they allow, my post showing a before and after of that Kardashian beast was removed! For the love of Satan! What the fuck!!

I guess that’s too gnarly but ever rapper or you tube star or social media “influencer” can post all the ass shots and twerking and people eating tide pods and all the other crap. But this is too offensive? Wow.”