Slayer and Exodus guitarist Gary Holt shared the billboard of the upcoming ‘Psycho Las Vegas’ concert of Exodus which will be made on August 20-22, 2021, and revealed whether Tom Hunting chose to be on stage while he’s still in chemotherapy.

As you may remember, back in April, Exodus icon Gary Holt posted yet another photo on his Instagram account to verify that the drummer of the band Tom Hunting was diagnosed with a gastric tumor and cancer in his stomach. On the same day, Exodus fans started a GoFundMe campaign to help Tom to undergo chemo and raised over $90K in a short time.

Today, Gary took his Instagram page once again and announced that Tom Hunting stated that he will be on stage for the first-ever live event of Exodus for over one and a half years. According to the caption, Tom said that whether he will be able to walk, he will drum for the band on August 20-22, 2021.

Here is what Gary wrote in the caption of the post:

“Yeah, baby! Back on a fucking stage! When asked about doing this show, Tom said ‘If I’m walking I’m drumming!’ So we said book that motherfucker!!! I may shed a tear or two in my many beers while on a metal vacation with Lisa Holt!

See, we already booked rooms before being added! We were going ANYWAY! So know, I get to go back to work for an hour then RAGE!”

You can check out the billboard right below.

Photo Credit: Gary Holt – Instagram