Slayer and Exodus guitarist Gary Holt shared a recent photo of his cat Buffy and revealed that he found for his long-time friend a new home forever.

Gary Holt also revealed why he made this choice and decided to part ways with Buffy.

Here is what he said:

“Buffy has a new forever home. Sigh. It hurts but I made the choice because my days and weeks and months are so slammed, Lisa works non stop, and he is not gonna get the love he deserves with my schedule.

So he now has an awesome new family that live about 20 minutes from me, so visits are a plus! I’m super sad. But I did this because I don’t want HIM sad. And he was heading that way. When I’m home we are inseparable, but he needs someone home more than a week or two here and there.

BUFFY IS GOD! My boy. I’ll see him soon! I’m sure I’ll be tossing pebbles at his new family’s window at 2AM to see him!😆”

You can see the photo below: