Exodus guitarist who is also famous for his long-time career with Slayer, Gary Holt, has shared a new post on his verified Instagram account today and shared his longing for having crowded shows while we are all in coronavirus outbreak many times.

As you may all know, the whole world is on high alert for almost two years. While every single country takes important precautions against the virus, in America, most of the live shows have been canceled or postponed. In his latest post, Gary Holt shared his hope for being on stage in the upcoming summer.

While sharing his excitement for the possible future shows, he also mentioned the photographer of the post he has shared whose name is Todd Moffses. The photo got over 5K likes in a short time including Anthrax star Scott Ian.

Here is what Gary Holt wrote in the caption:

“Sick photo by Todd Moffses of me doing something, I don’t remember, what’s it called? Oh yeah, playing live!! Fingers crossed for this summer! The new record is mixed and mastered and in the hands of the label.

They’ve all collectively shit their pants in joy after hearing it. It’s that fucking good. Can’t wait to release it into the wild!🤘🏻”

You can click here to see the post.