Exodus and Slayer’s well-known guitarist, Gary Holt shared a new photo of his on his official and certified Instagram page and wrote very harsh words against the famous airlines company, United Airlines.

As you will read the caption below, Gary Holt got really mad about 2 hours of delay on his latest United Airlines flight.

Here is what Gary wrote:

“Nothing else to do when you’ve been sitting on your fucking plane for an hour and a half yet have not left the gate, and half the plane has bounce for other flights. Ugh. Thanks @united ! So much for my 1K meaning SHIT!”

A user named zmachinez made the most-like comment:

“Start channeling your inner fart rapist! That’ll get it off the ground!”

Holt responded on that comment:

“@zmachinez hahaha!”

Here’s Holt’s photo below: