Exodus and Slayer icon, Gary Holt posted yet another controversial photo on his official and verified Instagram page and shared harsh words about famous American politician, Richard Nixon.

As Gary mocking with Richard Nixon’s name, here is what he wrote in the caption:

“Oh how the times were different! But really, they couldn’t have been THAT different, right? I mean come on, SOMEONE had to be chuckling about this, some immature person like myself!

Right? HAHA! That’s a name not given many youngsters much anymore! But hey, what a campaign slogan!!!😆😆😆❗️”

A user named vman_sheriff made the most-liked comment:

“Now as much as I support Trump I must say both sides, especially Republican side have been really fucked lately ya know, and now I’m 14 mind you so I’m stupid and don’t know as much as you or Tom or Kerry would know, but I think the whole government is just kinda fucked at this point, am I right people?”

You can see the photo below.