Trivium frontman Matt Heafy shared a new video on his official Instagram account and challenged Slayer and Exodus guitarist Gary Holt in a unique way.

Matt invited and challenged Gary to share his newest riff for the ‘Quarantine Riff War Challenge’ while banging with his killer riffs, and he made his fans excited about Gary’s response to this.

But, Gary had to reject this offer and disappointed the fans. However, he had a great excuse for it. As he stated in, Gary couldn’t record any riff or song during the self-quarantine days because he doesn’t have any recording tools.

Matt’s post viewed over 17K times less than a day, and it’s still rising. Also, most of the fans shared their reactions in the comment section of the post.

Here is what Matt Heafy wrote:

“Quarantine Riff War Challenge! | I accepted Paolo Gregoletto’s challenge, and I pass my challenge to Gary Holt! | next stream 2/2:30 pm eastern for valorant customs, ama signing, music, and more!”

Gary Holt responded:

“Hahaha! I currently have no recording ability.”

A fan named Craig added this comment:

“Getting some strong ‘Ember To Inferno’ vibes with this riff! Absolutely sick 🤘”

Another fan named Jacob said:

“This will be a riff on their next album. I can already envision it.”

You can check out the video below.