Exodus and Slayer guitarist, Gary Holt, recently posted a photo of himself at a Slayer concert on his Instagram account and confessed that he has missed not only their shows but all shows in general.

Gary Holt has been climbing the ladder of fame in the metal world since 1981 as the guitarist and main songwriter of Exodus and his fame increased when he was hired temporarily to fill in for Jeff Hanneman in Slayer. Although it was initially a temporary job, Holt was confirmed to be a permanent member after the passing of Hanneman in 2013, and he remained in the band until their disbandment in 2019.

With his recent Instagram post, Gary Holt reminisced the great times that he spent with Slayer and said that he misses playing with the band. The photo that he posted was from 2019, when Slayer was on the final tour, saying goodbye to the metal scene forever. However, it seems like there was one person who wasnt ready to say goodbye.

In the caption of his post, Gary Holt wrote that he misses playing so much that he’ll probably work on some riffs this weekend. He added that he’s missed ‘ALL’ stages and that he would give anything to have a cold beer while watching a semi-decent cover band, ‘let alone playing a show myself.’

Here’s what Gary Holt said in the caption of his Instagram post:

“Bending strings on pointy things during the final Slayer tour. Don’t know who took this. Miss this guitar. Think I’ll grab him (Dexter!) from his crypt and rip some riffs on it this weekend! Miss these shows, ALL shows! What I wouldn’t give for a cold beer and a semi-decent cover band, let alone playing a show myself!”

Click here to check out the photo that Gary Holt posted on his Instagram account.