One of the greatest guitarists of thrash metal, Exodus and Slayer star, Gary Holt has posted an emotional photo of himself with his father, Billie Charles Holt on his verified and official Instagram account.

One year ago today, Gary Holt has lost his father due to some health problems. Today, Gary Holt remembered the first death anniversary of his father, and he penned down a really sentimental message with the photo.

Here’s the message of Gary Holt for his father:

“One year ago today I lost the most important man in my life, my father Billie Charles Holt.

This time of the year will always be a mixture of sadness and joy. Today is a dark day. Miss him every second💔 Love you dad.”

A user named in.the.shadows_ wrote a support message:

“I’m sorry for your loss Gary. I know how it feels. I lost my mother right before Thanksgiving 2009.

Ten years ago last month. No one will ever understand the emptiness of losing your parents until it happens. I drank myself stupid for 5 years then I became homeless. Brutal man! Brutal.”

Gary Holt responded:

“@in.the.shadows_ 👊🏻❤️👊🏻”

Another user named mck2g4 commented:

“Sorry man. Holidays are bittersweet my Grandmother passed in the house at early age Christmas Eve about 22 years ago.”

Gary Holt said:

“@mck2g4 💔”

You can see the Instagram post right below.