Exodus and Slayer member, Gary Holt posted yet another bizarre photo on his certified Instagram page and revealed a controversial book cover, named Messenger by Saint Anthony.

Holt called the cover of the book ‘creepy’ and said that the cover artist’s job should’ve been ended.

Here is what Holt wrote:

“Look at this CREEPY gaze going on here!! Homie is PERVING on this kid, who’s totally clueless to the boner that’s creepin’ up his backside!

This artist should be fired!! 😆😆😆❗️”

A user named mcsgt0341 made the most-liked comment:

“I’m not so sure he doesn’t know about the boner….I mean that’s an awfully nervous looking smile on that kid’s face. I don’t think it would be too forward of the audience to assume, in fact I think it would be practical to think that this isn’t the first time Saint Pedo-Pete patron saint of the choir boners bonered this kid in the backside. Or as Forrest would say “the butt-tocks”

Holt responded:

@mcsgt0341 😆😆😆❗️”

You can see the photo below.