Slayer and Exodus guitarist Gary Holt has pissed off to one of the biggest airlines in the world on his official Instagram account one day ago.

While Gary Holt was flying with United Airlines, he noticed something. The guy who sits right behind him paid no money to his luggage. Even Gary Holt was traveling in the first class, his double guitar cases cost him 200 bucks.

After the moment Gary realized this madness, he immediately shared his reaction and wanted some answers from the company.

Here is what Gary Holt wrote:

“Hey @united explain to me why my double guitar case, while flying first class and a 1K member, cost me 200 bucks while the guy behind me has a golf bag over half a foot taller and he gets charged ZERO. I’ve never been charged before , your employees charge when they just feel like being dicks. EXPLAIN PLEASE!!”

Machine Head guitarist Phil Demmel added this comment:

“Distant Kardashian cousin was your check-in attendant.”

Gary Holt replied:

“@phildemmel 😆”

You can check the post below.