The well-known star of Exodus and Slayer, iconic guitarist Gary Holt posted a great Hollywood star The Rock and famous comedian, Kevin Hart on his official Instagram page today.

At first, Gary chose to criticize Kevin for wearing Exodus t-shirt then he praised him and admitted that he’s laughing his ass off to him.

Here is the caption:

“Okay everyone… yes I’ve seen this! Haha! Is he a fan? I highly doubt it, more likely his stylist bought it for a small fortune at some vintage tee shirt shop, if it’s not a modern bootleg.

How do I feel? Eh. Another dude using metal shirts to look edgy. Who knows? BUT. I’m a HUGE Kevin Hart fan, so I give him a pass cause he makes me laugh my ass off!😆”

A user named ianrcrawford1 commented and said that:

You never know who is and who isn’t a fan. To look at someone and assume they don’t listen to a certain kind of music because of how they look is messed up if you ask me.”

Another user, arthurpolat wrote this:

“David Beckham wore an Exodus short long time ago when wearing metal shirts wasn’t really a thing. Thought it was cool at the time.”

You can check out the photo right below.