Slayer and Exodus star Gary Holt posted a new frame on his official Instagram page today, and he shared a really tear-inducing event with his followers.

As you will see the photo of Gary below, he involved in a really important charity foundation that aims to kick cancer of a guy in a Sonoma Country.

Here are the bands and artists who will play at the event which is written on the banner Garry shared:

The Butlers
Dylan D Waltz
Members of Vain Stone Juju Featherwitch

Here is what Gary wrote about the photo he reposted:

“Yo!!! Benefit for a good friend in Sonoma County, for all you Bay Area people. Pitching in for a great cause at the House of Rock in Santa Rosa!

The Butlers are playing as well as others, get out there and help some people out, and have a kick ass time while you’re doing it!”

A user named vinzenzvankoch commented:

“I hope your friend will get well soon and beat cancer. Lost my wife 2 years ago in cause if liver cancer. All power to your friend💪🤘”

Another user, theflanneledavenger shared his history about cancer:

“My kid is a cancer survivor! #fuckcancer”

You can see the photo of Gary right below.