Current Exodus and former Slayer star, Gary Holt posted a bunch of new photos on his official Instagram page and announced his latest product: Fart Rapist t-shirt.

Here is his statement:

“NOW AVAILABLE!!! The “ Fart Rapist” shirt!!!! For those that don’t remember my original post, which leads to this shirt, keep swiping!!!

Some feminists seem to think farts are a form of sexual dominance and rape!!! Rape is no laughing matter, in any way for sure, but FART RAPE IS!!!! Hell, I sometimes rape the entire gift shop at the airport with some well-timed “crop dusting!” Who hasn’t been fart raped! Who hasn’t committed the act themselves!!”

Holt also announced that he’s not an anti-feminist by putting those t-shirts on sale.

He continued:

“I am NOT ANTI FEMINISM IN ANY WAY!! But this is just nuts! Gives feminists a bad rap. Now you can wear it like a badge of honor! And also a warning I guess! Haha! Up now on the eBay store! Link as always in my profile!”

You can see the photos right below.