Slayer and Exodus guitarist Gary Holt has posted a little scene from the TV show called “Little Women”, which contains a contender dancing like Cardi B.

From time to time, we all know that Gary is always slamming Kardashians by wearing his signature t-shirt “Kill The Kardashians”, but now Cardi B was targeted by him in a clever way.

He shared what he’s thinking about that show, and also mentioned Cardi B’s dance moves as you can read below.

Here’s what he wrote:

“One last glimpse of what you’ve all missed this season !!! Swipe right for the second part!!Abira doing some new form of rapping that I think is gonna take the world by storm!

Cardi B is practicing her headstands as we speak!!!! What a great season it was!! What will I do with my free time now!! Well, I’ve been riffing ourt pretty hard today!! Guitar over really heinous TV? What do you think?😆”

Gary also shared another part of the show with this caption:

“HAHAHA!! Season finale was LIT!!!! So sick!!!! So…. they ALL got on a Street Execs tour!! An LP tour! So, they should all be happy right! Not Abira!!!

She got BLACK OUT DRUNK! And lost her shit!! Video coming soon of her twerking on her head while rapping, an amazing talent in and if itself! But swipe right for part two!!!”

Check out the videos below.