Slayer and Exodus guitarist Gary Holt has posted an interesting video footage of President of USA, Donald Trump.

In a recent Instagram post, Gary mocked Donald Trump with this caption:

“Can we all have a good time? LETS DANCE!!! GO! With the world coming to an end, let’s stare at the coming apocalypse and put our hands up in the air!!! Just like Donald is doing!!🤘🏻😆”

Watch the video below.

Gary also involved some conversations on Instagram’s comment section. A fan wrote to him:

“You’re fucking on it your humor and craftsmanship is so much much needed in these times get the fuck after it your riffs dvastate. Bt you know this. Don’t gotta tell ya.”

Gary responded:


Another fan wrote:

“Oh Gary, Trump is saving us from the insanity of corruption believe it or not.”

Gary replied:

“This is funny. Has ZERO to do with politics. Can we agree that this is AWESOME?”

You can watch the video below.