Slayer’s well-known guitarist and the co-founder of Exodus, Gary Holt, has shared some really cute photos of himself with his granddaughter, Freyja, and grandson, James via his verified and official Instagram account.

Gary Holt and Lisa Holt have visited their grandson and granddaughter due to Christmas and they have had a good time with them.

Gary Holt was painting with his granddaughter, Freyja, and Lisa Holt was playing with her grandson, James. In the photos, all of them were looking very cute and sincere.

Here’s what Gary captioned:

“New Year’s Day visit with baby James and taking Freyja out to lunch for her favorite, which is just fries! Easy to make happy! Happy New Years everyone!”

A fan named Fred Merks asked a question to Gary:

“Happy New Year Gary. Wondering….does Freya sometimes ask what your tattoos are about? 😊”

Gary Holt answered:


Another fan named Jake wrote a comment and asked a question:

“Gary, my name is Jake I’m 12 I am a massive slayer and exodus fan I’ve been playing guitar for just under 3 years and made massive progress without grades, but I’ve been told I should do grades, but I’m not sure? Would you have any advice?”

Gary Holt responded:

“Jake grades? I don’t even know what that is! Just keep practicing, learn the basics and go from there!🤘🏻”

You can see all the photos which were shared by Gary Holt right below.