Slayer’s well-known guitarist and co-founder of Exodus, Gary Holt, has posted new photo series on his official Instagram page to reveal highlights of 2019.

The most interesting picture that he shared is Kim Kardashian’s appearance with a bizarre t-shirt with a text on it: ‘kill Gary Holt, save the Slayer.’

Since Gary posted the new photo slightly over five hours ago, it has received close to 10,000 likes, with almost 60 followers heading to the comments section to show their reaction for the photo series.

Here’s what Gary captioned:

“Since everyone is sharing their top nine so I figured I would as well! The black square is the video of the blind kid in the pit, best video ever! Thanks to all who have shared 2019 with me, Happy fucking New Year everyone!”

An Instagram user named mrpatoconnor commented and wrote this:

“That pic with you and Tom with your liter mugs is fantastic. 🤘🇺🇸”

Another fan named hitchyr said this:

“Happy New Year dude! Got my ESP LTD GH-600 on order so looking forward to that kicking me into 2020! 🤘🏻”

See the Instagram photo series below.