Slayer and Exodus guitarist Gary Holt has a signature slogan, ‘Kill The Kardashians’, which he has been promoting for his all brand new merchandise via Instagram.

Recently, Gary has reacted to Kim Kardashian for she wore a t-shirt with a possible response to his “Kill The Kardashians” slogan. In addition, I have to say that this photo might be a photo-montage.

Kim Kardashian’s t-shirt says:

“Kill Gary Holt, save the Slayer from the shameful exodus”.

Here’s Gary Holt’s reaction:

“Ahhhh, if ONLY this were real!!! Oh what joy that would bring me!!😆 stolen from @sandraarayaofficial 🤘🏻❗️”

A fan wrote to Gary:

“I know it’s fake but Holt actually did save Slayer so, fuck the nerds.”

Another fan said:

“If she ever listened to Exodus and Slayer that fake ass of hers would explode! If only!😉😎🤘🏻💯”

You can see the Instagram post below.