Slayer and Exodus guitarist Gary Holt has shared a new photo on his official Instagram account, leaked the internet person who trolled him really badly.

As we all know, Gary Holt sells some of the special items on eBay. He recently sold the Yankee Stadium Big 4 laminate. Most of the fans thought that he is facing money problems as he sold his own personal belongings.

This time, Gary took to social media to expose the internet person who has trolled him in a bad way. In his message, the hater said that he would give the highest offer to his items and later he will not buy it.

Here’s what Gary Holt stated:

“So hey, anyone who bid on the last items on eBay, if you were the second highest bidder look for second chance offers because some asshole troll who most likely is a fan of a certain family sent this response when asked about his payment considering he won EVERY ITEM.

Ugh. Sometimes you wish you could reach through a computer and strangler someone!”

A fan named captain_overdrive commented and said:

“Hey, guys be nice! This poor person clearly has suffered a recent head injury. How else do you explain any of this.”

Another fan named pedrothrashh wrote:

“He’s on my blacklist.”

See the Instagram post below.