Slayer and Exodus guitarist Gary Holt was the latest interview guest of iHeart Radio’s ‘Backstaged: The Devil in Metal’ this week and shared the story of how decided to quit alcohol for good after his birthday party.

In June this year, Exodus star took his verified Instagram account and announced that he decided to quit drinking. In that statement, Holt admitted that the last year has been the one in which he came up with the idea of realizing the alcohol needs to go. He also stated that he’s been partying for a long time and it has begun not to make it feel like a party anymore.

In his latest conversation with bestselling author and music journalist Jon Wiederhorn, Gary Holt shared the process of deciding to quit alcohol. Holt admitted that the first thing he realized was he’s getting more drunk in self-quarantine than touring. He also shared the story of how he drank every single White Claws afterparty while he was mocking the people who drink them before.

Exodus star shared his thoughts on giving up alcohol:

“I had a birthday party here. My birthday’s on May 4th, and I actually drank in moderation. I got nice, pleasantly drunk and I had a good time. And every time I have a party, all kinds of alcohol and beer gets left behind.

And I always mock people who drink White Claw [alcoholic seltzer water beverage]. About eight White Claws got left behind, and, yeah, I drank every last one of them ’cause I ran out of beer. And I drank it down to the last White Claw.

It was fucking horrible, man. It’s just terrible. And just the emotional change. Sometimes alcohol turns on you after a while. When I’m on tour, I drink in pretty fucking good moderation – I never get ripped anymore. I’m kind of a control freak now and I view that as not being in control. Then I come home and I hardly drink at all. Well, I’m drinking more than I do on tour now; what’s gonna happen when I do go back on tour?

Am I gonna flip the script and drink less? No. I’m probably gonna drink twice as much, ’cause I don’t drink hard liquor at home and barely ever on tour other than the occasional small, baby-sized shot of Jäger. Well, the way I was drinking, I very well might have gone back on tour and started drinking a lot of Jäger. Who knows?”

Slayer’s Holt continued saying:

“I was solo drinking, getting hammered solo, for no social purpose whatsoever, and kind of becoming miserable to be around for my wife. And I haven’t been able to do what I love doing for over a year – perform.

And I had nothing but free time. So all I did was sit around outside and get hammered… I quit for a couple of weeks, and then [I’d be], like, ‘Look, I found this new beer. It’s only four percent alcohol… The box with the six-pack says, ‘When you’ve still got stuff to do.‘ Perfect. I had become that guy… My wife would say, ‘Don’t you think you’re drinking a little too much?’ ‘No. I only had four beers.’ Yeah, I had four giant-sized beers [with] 12 percent alcohol.

I found myself purchasing my beers based on how fucking drunk they’d get me, and then rationalize it that I only had four – four giant bottles which, on a just per-ounce basis, adds up to fucking probably about eight beers, and the alcohol level is super high.”

You can listen to the full podcast below.