Exodus and Slayer’s famous Rock music veteran, Gary Holt posted a new photo of him, his lovely wife, Lisa Holt, and their long-time friends Janice Ulrici and Janet Elizabeth on his official Instagram page.

As you will read the caption below, Gary announced that they were going to Steele Panther show and he wished he could’ve gone too.

Here is what Holt wrote:

“My boo @lisaholt777 , our bf @jrohova and I think peaking in from the corner is @queenieulrici ? Anyway, taken while on their way for laughs at Steele Panther!

Wish I could have gone! Good fun! Miss my bae! One more show, then an afternoon off to have some food and good hangs with the @exodusbandofficial boys, then an evening flight home!

Sleep all the way there! Can’t wait to play tonight! Then can’t wait to get home! After that, Chicago Riot Fest!”

You can see the post below.