The iconic guitarist of Exodus and Slayer, Gary Holt shared a really funny video on his official Instagram page after Instagram moderation deleted the older one because of the copyright issues.

As you will see the caption below, Gary stated that the music is Exodus’ “Funeral Hymn.”

Here is what he wrote:

“Okay! After IG took down my other post, I would say due to my narration, I decided to change the audio!

Behold, dunk white people on the Exodus party bus! HAHA! And for those who aren’t in the know, the song is “Funeral Hymn “ off the album “ The Atrocity Exhibition”

A user named yorozuya__soul asked:

“Why you so entertaining all the time 😂😂”

Holt responded:

@yorozuya__soul 😆”

You can watch that funny video below.