Famous rock music veteran and Exodus & Slayer guitarist, Gary Holt has posted a new photo of Scorpions lead guitarist, Matthias Jabs on his official Instagram.

Gary Holt didn’t forget his friends’ birthdays and celebrated Matthias Jabs’ 64th and Glenn Tipton’s 71th birthday, and Gary has penned down a special birthday message with this photo.

Here’s what Gary wrote:

“And happy birthday to Matthias Jabs! Same day at Tipton! Had no idea! Another of my favorite guitar players! His work on Blackout and Love at first sting is epic!”

A fan named bj.ahrens said that:

“The unsung guitar hero of the early 80s – never overperforming, never shredding for the sake of just shredding, but an awesome sense for tone and melody.

Always adding something special to the song… and a killer vibrato. Love that guy. One of the best. 🤘”

Another fan named tonyfuckincampos commented:

“Hell yeah, Matthias is such a great player. All those little lines in the verses in the song black out while keeping it strong and powerful as hell.

I learned a lot in songwriting from him.”

You can see the photo below.