One of the greatest guitarists of thrash metal, Exodus and Slayer star, Gary Holt has posted a really special photo from an amazing concert of Slayer in Oakland, via his official social media account.

The guitarist, Gary Holt has taken a selfie photo after the end of the concert. Also, he has thanked all fans due to this amazing night, and his fans too wrote a lot of thanks messages to Gary for having a really great time in the show.

Here’s what he captioned:

“Oakland you f*cking ruled!! One of my greatest memories will always be last night’s show. Home town made me proud! CHEERS!🤘🏻.”

An Instagram user named Matt Burge commented:

“I have a picture of you taking that picture! You guys killed it! I hope they send-off was good enough for you guys!

It’s a hard thing to face, that I’m not gonna be able to see you guys play ever again!”

Another Instagram user named Mike said:

“So happy I got to be a part of last night! Sick show walking out to a massive thunderstorm I thought I missed an Encore.”

You can see the photo of Gary Holt right below.