Exodus and Slayer’s guitar legend, Gary Holt, talked in a recent conversation with Robb Flynn during the current episode of ‘No Fuckin’ Regrets With Robb Flynn.’

As you can remember, Gary Holt had announced the long-awaited coronavirus results of him and wife Lisa on April 1. In the statement, he officially confirmed that he tested positive for COVID-19, but luckily Lisa tested negative.

Today, Gary Holt has broken his silence about after he tested positive for COVID-19 and revealed untold details of the treatment process for the first time.

Robb Flynn asked:

“Who knows how many people were asymptomatic?”

Gary Holt replied:

“We don’t know. The whole band could have been walking along with it. I’m the only one that got sick. I was pretty ill. I didn’t get out of bed. All I did was sleep for a couple of weeks.

It felt like having a really nasty flu, but it lasted a little bit longer, maybe… I’m lucky. I’ve had the flu before, and that sucked too, and this was kind of on the same level.”

He continued:

“It took several e-mails and calls, and they finally tested myself and Lisa. And she tested negative, despite sharing a house and a room and a bed with me.

My only conclusion I can come to on that is she had already had it and was asymptomatic because as heavily contagious as it is, there’s no way she doesn’t catch it.”

Robb Flynn said:

 “If we think we will be living in a “better world” once the pandemic subsides.”

Gary Holt:

“I hope you and I still have a fucking industry when we get out of this. When you think about it, us musicians and athletes, we’re the last that’s ever gonna recover from this. Because restaurants will recover maybe they’ll space the tables out, and eventually, they won’t have to but we’re in a business where we depend on as many people as we possibly can, and we want more and more people.

We depend on them being sweaty and in direct contact with each other. And how long is it gonna be before we see normality in that? Who knows? … I think we’re gonna have it roughest.”

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