Exodus and Slayer guitarist Gary Holt has shared a new Instagram post to pay respect to former Deep Purple and Rainbow guitarist, Ritchie Blackmore, in a really classy way.

In the Instagram post, Gary has posted one of the rarest photos of Ritchie and celebrated his 75th birthday by showing respect with a little open letter about.

Gary described his feelings about the Ritchie in the caption area of the post and said that Ritchie is his favorite guitarist of all time. Here’s what he wrote:

“Happy birthday to my favorite guitarist of all time, Ritchie Blackmore. If I’m stuck on a desert island, I only need Rainbow Rising or Long live rock and roll. To be more precise, I only need either the song Stargazer or Gates of Babylon. Epic. Time to rock some Deep Purple as well!”

In the comment section, blues legend Joe Bonamassa responded to Gary by saying:

“I cannot figure out how he got that big of sound out that rig he used. 😎👍”

A fan named Lars commented:

“Deep Purple has always been and will be my favorite group.”

Another fan named Willie told a story from his personal guitar journey and wrote:

“My guitar teacher had a framed picture of Blackmore on the studio wall. Always marveled at his playing…

Years later my teacher saw me wearing a SLAYER shirt and became irate. He told me that if I was still his student I would be forbidden to wear such a shirt. This took place in a video rental store where he was working. I never saw him again. I still have a SLAYER shirt 🤘”

Check out the Instagram post below.