Slayer and Exodus star Gary Holt was the recent interview guest of Loudwire, and he cleared the air about his compliments to My Chemical Romance.

As you might remember, Gary Holt surprised everyone with his earlier statements about My Chemical Romance which he said that their latest record is one of his all-time favorite records.

Loudwire asked:

“You said The Black Parade is one of your favorite records of all time and “a masterpiece.” What gives it the honor of being one of your favorites? Can you pinpoint what makes it a “masterpiece” in your eyes?”

Gary Holt responded:

“I think every song is amazing, it’s super ambitious, and I hear shade of Queen, Pink Floyd and Cheap Trick all over it.”

Loudwire asked again:

“It’s something of a running joke on our social media that hard rock and metal fans are always disgusted and annoyed when we post about My Chemical Romance. Why do you think MCR evokes those types of feelings from the metal community?”

Gary Holt said that:

“I don’t have an answer for that. Tastes are an individual thing. I like some off-the-wall shit myself. I’m not closed off to different music, but I don’t like everything—same as anyone else.”

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