The iconic star of Exodus and Slayer, Gary Holt posted a bunch of new photos of his new guitar on his official and verified Instagram page today and showed how cool it is.

Slayer star also stated that he will name his new guitar ‘Dexter’ because of the blood pattern on its surface.

Here is the caption Gary wrote for the post:

“Oh new guitar, how I cannot wait to riff out on thee… so far I’ve been calling the new axe “Bloody Mary” but I think I’m gonna name this one “Dexter!”

A user named cactus_druid commented and asked:

“Gibson scale neck? Or 25.5?”

Slayer icon Gary Holt responded to the question:

“@cactus_druid 25.5 I think on this one.”

Another user thepatrickkennison wrote this:

“I named the other one “Shark Week”. I hereby christen your guitar as “Aunt Flow.” You’re welcome 🤘🏼😎🤘🏼✅”

You can see the photo below.