Slayer and Exodus guitarist Gary Holt, shared a photo on his official Instagram page. After that, he answered some fans comments.

One fan asked, long time wondered question: Why Holt is always following 666 person?

Erik Litten:

“Do you specifically follow 666 people?”

Gary Holt answered:

“Once it got there i figured i’d keep it there!”

Xeladiog comments:

“Fuck shit up Gary! Of course I don’t have to say that cause obviously you’re Gary fucking Holt!!”

Gary reponses:

“@xeladiog86x !”

A fan named Craig asked:

“Are you in Australia for the download tour?”

Gary answered:


Evan asked:

“Mr. Hold do i put my chorus pedal before or after my delay pedal?”

Gary comments:

“Good question, try it both ways and whatever sounds best to ears is where you want it.”

You can see the Instagram photo below: