The iconic guitarist of Slayer and Exodus, Gary Holt has shared again a bizarre photo on his official Instagram account.

In the photo, there are two different memes: A picture of a cat eating a fish, another one, a picture of a fish-eating cat. Also, Gary has celebrated the Caturday of everyone with a simple message.

Here’s what he wrote:

“Happy Caturday! Stolen from @spacey79.”

You can see the photo below:

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Happy Caturday! Stolen from @spacey79

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Yesterday, Gary shared another one bizarre video on his official Instagram page, and he was introducing Jagermeister’s Limited Edition Slayer Bottle to his fans with a video.

He wrote that with the video:

“And no, I am NOT drinking these! I have two, and they are collectors items!

 If I wanted to drink this stuff I’d buy a bottle at my local grocery store! Haha! Just   arrived today, well the booze part did. Boxes arrived separately!.”

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