One of the legendary guitarists of thrash metal, Gary Holt, has shared a bizarre photo of American musician, Prince, on his verified Instagram page.

Actually, Gary has posted a funny meme which is featuring late rock legend Prince. As you can see below, Prince’s face pasted on 20 dollars instead of Andrew Jackson.

The photo was really funny, and the fans were crazy after seeing it.

Here’s what Gary wrote with the post:

“I will gladly sacrifice my one cent to make this happen!😆”

A user named Jim Dewd Guitars commented:

“Sorry, but I was never a fan. He can play but just not my style of music.”

Another user named Mike Flores wrote this:

“My weed guy won’t cut me any more of a break on a gram if this happens..”

You can see the Instagram post right below.

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I will gladly sacrifice my one cent to make this happen!😆

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