Current member of the Exodus and the former Slayer star, Gary Holt posted a never-before-seen photo of him and another legend, Metallica’s James Hetfield and celebrated his 56th birthday.

Firstly, Gary forgot to tag James Hetfield, and after the warnings of some fans, he tagged Papa Het on the photo.

Here is what Gary Holt wrote:

“Happy birthday @papa_het_ !!

Have a great one birthday and many more to come!”

A user named that_othr_weeb wrote this:

“The thing is you didn’t even tag James!”

drkindle_ I love commented and said:

“Hetfield even he’s ugly face lol hahahhhha, but the guy literally still has underground attitude, no fb, no twitter, has IG but once a year when he post… LOL.”

You can see the photo below.