The mastermind of Exodus and rhythm guitarist of Slayer, Gary Holt, has shared a really admirable photo on his official Instagram account.

In the post, we can see that Gary Holt and his grandson were watching the ‘Frozen’ movie. The photo was so touching and lovely that you may smile after you see.

After a day, the post became one of the most liked photos in his account and gets over 10.000 likes and 150 comments.

Here is what Gary Holt said:

“Grandfolkin’ through Sunday! Watching Frozen with this little person On a cold rainy day! Sleepover with @lisaholt777 and myself to give the parents a break!”

A fan named Sam Carey replied:

“Grandpa Gary. Brightens my day”

Another fan named Steve Mo Morries said:

“Imagine growing up with a grandad that’s in Exodus and fuckin Slayer”

You can check the photo below.